Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign for Teens

Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign for Teens from The Smile Spa in Agoura Hills, CAAs a child’s mouth and teeth develop into adolescence, it may become apparent that there are problems with alignment or spacing. Invisalign® for teens presents an alternative to traditional metal braces but without sacrificing the quality of results of corrective treatment. The specifics of a teen’s condition may impact the eligibility of this alignment option, and a consultation with a dental provider can shed more insight for moving forward.

Common conditions treated by Invisalign for teens

Traditional braces are one of the more recognized methods of orthodontic care, but with Invisalign, there is a new, discreet option for addressing some of the more common conditions of spacing, alignment, and bite problems.

Bite problems

There are several bite conditions that impact how well a teen can eat or speak, and depending on the severity of the jaw protrusion on either the upper or lower jaw, it could lead to severe discomfort and pain. An overbite and underbite are opposite conditions that offer how the teeth overlap each other. Both conditions affect eating, chewing, and speaking, but bite problems can also affect a teen’s appearance and self-confidence.

Open bite conditions affect how well the upper and lower teeth align when the mouth is closed. A crossbite condition has the same impact, but it can cause the teeth to wear down more quickly and create pain in the gums and jaw.

Alignment concerns

Teens who have teeth that are misaligned may feel self-conscious about the look of the smile, but alignment can create problems with chewing and eating. Teenagers may have had genetics or poor habits impact how well the teeth aligned, but by adolescence, the teeth are fairly set unless addressed through corrective measures.

Crowding concerns

While crowded teeth and crooked teeth are different conditions, these are similar in the impact on the mouth and smile. The conditions can lower the confidence of a teen when speaking or smiling and these feelings can impact the social and mental health of the individual.

Positive results with Invisalign for teens

Invisalign treatments can be an effective corrective option for these conditions, making it an important talking point when a teen is having a routine dental appointment. These treatments rely on individual impressions of the teeth to manufacture custom clear aligner trays. The treatment moves through wearing trays for a specified amount of time each day and changing out the trays until the desired results are achieved. Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment plans can take anywhere from six months to a year.

Teens can appreciate the low-profile appearance of this corrective treatment, as traditional braces are sometimes considered a tough social hurdle for this age group. There are also the added benefits of more flexibility and freedom with food and drink choices, as well as the efficiency and minimal discomfort of the process.

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Asking a dentist about Invisalign for teens is one way to help straighten the teeth or correct a bite problem. This corrective treatment can restore a uniform smile and an individual’s self-confidence.

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