Invisalign Can Correct Your Teen’s Improper Bite

Invisalign Can Correct Your Teen’s Improper Bite from The Smile Spa in Agoura Hills, CAThe teenage years can be awkward, especially for those who have to deal with crooked teeth. Invisalign® presents an alternative to traditional braces, and these clear aligners can have the same corrective impact with less discomfort both physically and socially for a self-conscious teen. The benefits of clear aligners and the ability to correct an improper bite are good motivations to talk to a dentist about this orthodontic option.

Custom aligners to fix a variety of conditions

There are a number of concerns teenagers can face concerning space or teeth alignment. Clear aligners present a convenient and effective way to move or straighten teeth to correct these conditions

Spacing issues

Gaps between teeth occur when there is unnatural spacing between two or more teeth. This can occur because teeth have fallen out, the teeth are too narrow for the jaw, or because of genetic factors. While spaces between the teeth can be a cosmetic concern, there is a danger to the health of the gums over time if left uncorrected. Aligners can move the teeth into desired positions, shifting them bit by bit until the space has been reduced.

Crowded teeth

As the opposite problem of spacing, crowding in the mouth happens when the jaw does not have enough room to comfortably fit all the teeth. As crowding occurs, the teeth can get twisted out of line, stick out, or overlap other teeth. For teenagers who experience the loss of primary teeth too early, crowding is a common problem. The difficulty in cleaning crowded teeth can lead to decay and gum disease, but custom aligners can create the space needed to shift the teeth back to an ideal position for both cleaning, form, and comfort.

Overbite problems

When the top teeth protrude too far over the front of the bottom teeth, an overbite occurs. The spacing problems between the upper and lower teeth can increase the risk of injury to the exposed teeth, but it can also impact the jaw and cause pain from the uneven motions that take place when chewing or speaking. Invisalign® trays are custom-fitted to the patient’s mouth and will help shift the forward teeth back into proper position. The bite becomes healthy, and a new smile is achieved.

Underbite problems

With an underbite, the bottom teeth protrude out from the top of the front teeth whenever the mouth is closed. The lower jaw is often bigger than the upper jaw, and the teeth sit too far forward. This condition can make eating and speaking difficult and puts uneven wear on the teeth. There are some underbite situations that can be addressed with aligner trays, though the younger a patient, the easier it is to manipulate and guide the jaws while still developing. Tooth positioning options with aligners depend on the severity of bite conditions.

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Teenagers can be good candidates for Invisalign® treatment, though it is important to consult a dentist about the specific condition of the patient. Clear aligners provide a comfortable, effective, and visually-accommodating way to treat common bite and spacing issues.

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